The event will be combined with the largest gaming event in South Karelia, Skynett.

The worsening situation of the COVID-19 pandemic will move the Virtual Imatranajo to be held later this year. The decision is affected by the acceleration of the spread of the disease particularly among young people. In addition to the international online motorcycle competition, the Virtual Imatranajo event includes local area network and audience game events, which were to be organized in Imatra at the Mansikkala school center.

The new timing of the event is November 19-21 2021. The program and venue planned for the August event will remain the same. In addition, new event sections will be offered, such as CSGO Esports Finnish League finals. Other esports tournaments will also be added to the event. The additional offer is made possible by connecting the Virtual Imatranajo to the largest local area network (LAN) event in South Karelia, Skynett.

“The most important thing here is to ensure the health of young people. Moving the event will also have positive effects, as it will now bring together two major South Karelian event brands in their respective fields, Imatranajo and Skynett. I believe that this will create a lot of good things in the first joint event and in the future, says Erno Salmela, event producer of Trailblazers.

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Erno Salmela (Trailblazers)

Martti Solja (Imatranajo)

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