Virtual Imatranajo

The event is held in the city center, address Koskenparras 4, Imatra.

12:00 Opening

Visitor competitions open until 17:00

Games and 3D drawing area open until 18:00

The Motorcycle parade starts from the startline of the circuit

12:15 Niki Tuuli and Martti "simo" Solja race exhibition on the motorcycle simulator

13:00 The Motorcycle Parade arrives to the city center

13:15 Live music: Rokkikone plays Popeda

14:00 Giveaway: A Peugeot scooter

14:30 Virtual Imatranajo finals on the motorcycle simulator

17:00 Visitors get to challenge the newly crowned champion on the simulator

17:30 Prize giving ceremony and final words

18:00 Event ends


56th IMATRANAJO IRRC July 2-4 2021

Schedule to be released closer to the event.


Friday 2.7.

Saturday 3.7.

Sunday 4.7.

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