Lenght: 4950m


Track 2016 onwards : 1:50.616 (158,2km/h) Danny Webb 2018

Track 1979-1986: 1:54,0 (156,3 km/h) Marco Lucchinelli 1981

Track 1962-1978: 2:05,9 (174,4 km/h) Johnny Cecotto 1977

The Imatra circuit is located only 600 meters from the town center, on the east side of the river Vuoksi.

From the map you can see the start/finish line, pitlane and paddock, the touring concentration area, VIP-areas and grandstands. All event and grandstand tickets are found here.

All grandstands have views to a big screen, which enables you to follow all the action from a comfortable seat. The event area has one grandstand for the disabled.

A-grandstand (Start/finish line)

Located on the main straight of the track, this is one of the best places to follow the races. The grandstand is right next to the start/finish line as well as the pitlane. From this place is best for seeing the start and finish up close, and seeing the award-giving ceremony. It has a great view to the river Vuoksi, and it’s one of the fastest places on the track, with speeds reaching 300km/h.

B1- ja B2-grandstand (Navetta turn)

This is a fast speed chicane, followed by a high speed left turn. This turn is well known for the big old farmhouse, that is the landmark of the turn. This is a great place for seeing a lot of overtakes as the bikes approach the chicane.

C-grandstand (Katsastusasema turn)

Located on the backstraight of the track. Perhaps the best place for overtaking on the whole circuit, as the bikes approach the chicane with high speed and hard braking. This is a great place for seeing many overtakes.

D-grandstad (Pistetalo turn)

A great place to watch the race with a big crowd always. Th turn itself is very challenging for the riders because of the downhill slope and the slight tilt of the road. Many races have been won or lost because of a mistake made on this turn.

E-grandstand (Lyseo turn)

Located next to an old school, this spot has perhaps the most spectators on the whole track. This and the next turn together form the last chicane of the track that leads to the main straight. Possibly the best place to experience the excitement of the races.

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