Imatranajo builds up on its sponsorships

In addition to the new main title sponsor Bavaria Laakkonen, new sponsors include Huhtahyvät, Turva, Pohjolan Matka and Suomen moottoriliiton naiskomissio.

Huhtahyvät is a family business established in 1988 and focuses on meat products and convenience foods. It is one of the top 20 biggest companies in the Finnish meat industry. "Meat products are the base of our operation. We are sure our sausages will be popular amongst Imatranajo fans." Says Jukka Vilska, the CEO of the company.

Turva is an insurance company which offers the very best customer service in the business and comprehensive insurance and security. "Turva is happy to support Imatranajo and we wish to be visible in places where our customers are located. We are very excited about the coming summer and being at the event." Says the head of marketing at Turva Janica Lamberg.

Pohjolan Matka will be arranging daily bus tours to Imatra from all the biggest cities in Finland. According to the plan this includes up to 30 towns.

Suomen moottoriliiton naiskomissio works together with FIM Women in Motorcycling. They are actively working with SML in events, exhibitions and races focusing on #FIMvolunteers #FIMfuturestars and in general promoting female motorsports. FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) and FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) have been taking important steps in the last years for the good of women in motorsports, and Suomen moottoriliiton naiskomissio has the same goals together with the AKK women in motorsports.

"Imatranajo is an important annual event in our motorsports calendar and we the Suomen moottoriliiton naiskomissio wish to be a part of building this event." Says Miia-Maria Vepsäläinen, the chairwoman of Suomen moottoriliiton naiskomissio.

As in previous years, the town of Imatra, Itanordic, Mitra and Teknosafe as well as many other small businesses in the area continue their partnership with the event.


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