Virtual Imatranajo champion to be crowned on saturday 1.8.

The first ever Virtual Imatranajo event will be organized in the Imatra city center, Koskenparras 4 on august 1, as the six finalists will compete on an actual motorcycle simulator on the Imatra street circuit in the Ride 3 game.

The qualifying races were held in July in the MotoGP20 game on the PS4 and PC platforms. The top 3 of each platform gets to fight for the ultimate prize of VIP-tickets to 2021 Imatranajo IRRC event and a once in a lifetime experience of riding passenger on a superbike around the legendary street circuit, and will be crowned the champion of Virtual Imatranajo 2020!

The qualifying and finals are only open to Finnish residents, however in the final event held on august 1 there are many games and competitions on the event area that visitors can enter. The event includes a number of games ranging all the way from the first ever video games to retro games and modern virtual reality experiences as well as 3D drawing, a motorcycle parade, Motorclub Imatra exhibition etc.

With great prizes, the biggest being a 400e virtual reality camera, this event has something for all ages and the whole family! The event and taking part in all of the competitions is free. The event will be live streamed to the Imatranajo Youtube and Facebook channels and hosted in finnish.

The event is held in the city center, address Koskenparras 4, Imatra.


12:00 Opening

Visitor competitions open until 17:00

Games and 3D drawing area open until 18:00

The Motorcycle parade starts from the startline of the circuit

12:15 Niki Tuuli and Martti "simo" Solja race exhibition on the motorcycle simulator

13:00 The Motorcycle Parade arrives to the city center

13:15 Live music: Rokkikone plays Popeda

14:00 Giveaway: A Peugeot scooter

14:30 Virtual Imatranajo finals on the motorcycle simulator

17:00 Visitors get to challenge the newly crowned champion on the simulator

17:30 Prize giving ceremony and final words

18:00 Event ends

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