VIP passes to Imatranajo go on sale

Imatranajo spectators will be able to enjoy three VIP zones at different locations around the track. All VIP passes include a 3-day (fri-sun) ticket to Imatranajo and access to VIP-stand, equipped with a screen to watch the races. A high-quality buffet lunch is available on Saturday and Sunday and a VIP host or hostess will ensure the quest stay comfortable. Each VIP stands also have their own bar area and WC.

STARTING ZONE VIP includes access to the VIP stand at the start/finish straight with a beautiful view to the lake Vuoksi. The pits are situated straight in front of the VIP stand, so you’ll be able to see the riders up close. Also private programme will be provided.

LYSEO VIP includes access to the VIP stand at what is arguably the best location to spectate the races, near the Lyseo corner. Also private programme, such as rider interviews will be provided.

ROCKMOTORSPORT VIP includes access to a VIP stand where you’ll be able to arrive in comfort with your own car or motorcycle. In addition to other services, also private programme will be provided.

Choose your favourite VIP and get your pass today! All VIP passes cost 250 euros (incl. VAT). Tickets provided by Ticketmaster will be swapped for a VIP pass in the respective VIP zones. Tickets are available through Ticketmaster website.

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