IRRC series publishes first rider lists for 2022

The International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) has published the first rider lists for the 2022 IRRC superbike and supersport classes.

The amount of Finnish riders in the series has been rising year by year, and in the upcoming season the IRRC classes will include at least Erno Kostamo, Marko Sinkkonen, Aku Korhonen, Anssi Koski ja Kalle Mäntysaari.

Other riders of significant interest include last year's IRRC Superbike champion and a road racing veteran Didier Grams, Lukas Maurer, Joey den Besten, Laurent Hoffmann, Pierre Yves Bian, Marek Cerveny and Vincent Lonbois who was last seen in Imatra in 2016, and many others.

Based on the startlists the IRRC class races will be very competitive this year, and fans can expect some superb racing action. We wish to see all these riders and more, gather on the Jarno Saarinen Circuit Imatra startline. There's still more to come, as the rider lists for other race classes such as Open Superbike and Supersport for Imatra will be published later.

The International Road Racing Championship (IRRC) consists of street tracks around Europe, and it includes Supersport and Superbike classes. Other races of the series are in The Netherlands (30.4.-1.5.), Belgium (23.-24.7.), Czech Republic (13.-14.8.) and Germany (17.-18.9.)

Imatranajo is organized by the Motorclub Imatra (IMK) together with Imatranajo ltd.

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